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the education project

 FROM DIVINE SCHOOL COMPLEX                                           FROM GOD'S KIDS NEEDY CENTRE

In addition to her smile,Becky needs education      Lydia is an orphan at village called crispo city


Additionally, some of the children do not know how education could unearth their potentials. their reason is attributed to lack of training and awareness.

The Educational Projects of African Charity Volunteer (A.C.V) is designed to meet the neglected educational needs of schools in some selected towns and communities by providing them with logistics.

In Ghana, it is not strange to find school classes being held under trees. The most fortunate ones with dilapidated structures also lack desks. African Charity Volunteers will tremendously enhance the image of schools which desperately need assistance.

This Project, tailored to provide proper education to children in rural areas of the country has three faces: First of all, A.C.V will renovate some selected schools which are in deplorable state - thus creating a new and conducive environment for the pupils.

Secondly, A.C.V through both local and international organizations and support from our committed volunteers will construct school buildings in identified communities in the country, starting from the Greater Accra Region.

Finally, the third face of this project will focus on the construction of libraries, recreational facilities and I.C.T centres for schools.Currently, funds are urgently needed to build 22 rooms for Gods Kids Needy Centre a library and a computer laboratory

African Charity Volunteers is appealing to you for your support both in cash and in kind to achieve these

  A Visit to Eden Academy our adopted school           Photo from King Christ Academy at Kasoa