Helping The Poor


Orphanage Programme

Volunteers in this program are placed in an Accra orphanage (and other parts of the country) that is a non-profit charitable institution providing a community service to benefit orphaned and abandoned children in Ghana. Their mission is to provide support for development of children with social challenges in a home and family atmosphere. In order to provide better prospects for the future of children in the centre, the orphanage offers a secure, permanent and protected upbringing with appropriate education and emphasis on autonomy. This vocational work is done in an open atmosphere to provide conditions to create a fair, equal and prosperity.


Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program. Volunteers need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a diverse and challenging environment. The volunteers should bring energy and enthusiasm to the project, with a desire to make a difference. Proficiency in the English language is required.

The Teaching Programme
African Charity Volunteers has partnered with a number of local schools and Sports Universities who focus on raising the standard of education in Accra. Opportunities range from teaching and mentoring students to assisting with the overall operations of education, social work and youth development programs.



Diabetes/malaria:  African Charity Volunteers is doing tremendous thing to help patience who have debates and malaria by helping them to provide the basic education on how to prevent these disease and medicine and mosquito net repellant shearing. Acv welcome companies, churches, charity organization to help us help this people.

Currently the are 10 women with diabetes and day to day mosquito net repellant helping women and children.

Accra is a city of sharp contrasts, where volunteers can explore issues of social change and diversity while learning about new cultures. ACV's volunteers work primarily with disadvantaged youth, making a lasting and tangible impact on local communities.



Volunteer opportunities are available for Teaching At School Coaching, Helping in Farms, as well as for graduates. Proficiency in the English language is required.

Advocacy Programme
This programme is aimed at strengthening advocacy groups and their activities in the Accra region.  African Charity Volunteers works with advocacy groups to improve the condition of the target population- specifically to further the protection of human, legal and civil rights. Programs may also include non-human issues such as animals or environment. The ACV Advocacy Programme offers volunteers the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge on advocacy work, while developing new skills in the field in Ghana.



Proficiency in the English language is required.

Sports Programme
Volunteers are needed to develop a soccer-based sports program that allows children to discover their talents. The program encourages participants from all socioeconomic backgrounds, but focuses on street children who are involved in sporting and skills training activities. Most of the activities and sports coaching take place within the community. Inter-community soccer matches are actively encouraged. The soccer activities take place in a self-contained outdoor centre in the centre of Accra.  


As the Sports Programme Coordinator,  volunteers will plan, prepare and deliver soccer programs within the community.  Volunteers will encourage and motivate local participants.  Volunteers will act as a referee at community matches. Volunteers will organize tournaments and competitions and create training schedules.


As a Sports Programme Coach, you will supervise and train teams of young people in the sport of soccer. Coaching opportunities are available among the first and second division clubs.



Volunteers at this project should be open minded, flexible, creative, resourceful and able to use their own initiative. You should also have a genuine love of sport and enjoy working with children of all ages. Experience and qualifications in sports coaching are very useful, but not essential. Proficiency in the English language is required. 

Media Programme
African Charity Volunteers offers journalism opportunities in radio, television and in print media (newspapers). Activities include reporting, research, designing, production, photography, layout and administrative work. This programme is ideal for volunteers who would like to learn more about media in Africa and those who want to learn useful production skills.



Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program. Volunteers need to have an an eye for detail and a flexible attitude for working in a fast-pace and challenging environment. Basic computer program skills are suggested. Proficiency in the English language is required. 


Traditional Medicine Programme

The Traditional Medicine program gives students the opportunity to learn about the traditional and indigenous systems of medicine in Ghana. In addition to learning about traditional medicine, students will observe how these practices may interact with Allopathic methods (aka Western medicine). Volunteers will gain an understanding of the importance of cross-cultural competency in diagnosing patients who may be receiving a combination of modern and traditional treatments.


Students will travel through three locations during the duration of the program. Traveling through multiple towns means that students will be able to experience a variety of sites in their clinical rotations, from a primary care clinic in a rural village to the tertiary care hospital run by the state government. Students will gain first-hand experience in methods of diagnosis and treatment as they work with clinical practitioners who use a variety of treatment methods. Clinical immersion will be supplemented with lectures and workshops on traditional medicine.



This program is open to participants who are 21 or older at the time of participation. We accept students of all nationalities with interest in international health and relevant educational background. Participants may be any of the following:

* Medical Residents, MD & DO
* Medical Students, MD & DO 1-2
* Medical Students, MD & DO 3-4
* Senior level Pre-Medical Students
* Post-bacc pre-medical students
* Gap year pre-medical students
* Graduate nursing students
* Nursing Students
* MPH Students
* Physicians Assistants Students

If you do not fit into one of these categories, please contact us to see if you would be eligible to apply. Proficiency in the English language is required. 


Internship Programmes 


Our Internship Programme is specifically designed for international volunteers as a means of providing them with tremendous opportunities to gain valuable and practical work experience and cultural immersion.

The Internship Programme also provides an excellent opportunity for volunteers and students to acquire practical experience in the volunteer’s chosen field, thus giving the chance to experience the unique things Ghana has to offer them.

The Programme Director and our Projects Coordinator will monitor the intern’s progress and also serve as a supervisor for the duration of the programme. The participating volunteer is assured of a certificate from  African Charity Volunteers  and the project site upon a successful completion of the programme. Studying abroad will surely bring you closer to diverse people and opinions which will finally propel you to experience a different way of life apart from the intern’s country of origin